Laid-Back Camp S3 – So Precious

Album Title: So Precious
Anime: Laid-Back Camp S3
Artist: Asaka
Composer: Eri Sasaki, Hero Nakamura, Yusuke Shirato (Dream Monster), hisakuni (SUPA LOVE)
Release Date: April 24, 2024
Catalog Number: USSW-477
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By this point, having a Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp) anime season without Asaka’s involvement on either the opening or ending themes is sacrilegious. After all, she made her mark through her performance of “Shiny Days” on the first season. That song captured the anime’s mood with its charming peppiness. Her other songs kept that same mold. Asaka would sing the equally optimistic “Seize the Day” for the second season and “The Sun is Coming Up”, for the Laid-Back Camp movie. “The Sunshower” was also a solid addition as the laid-back opener for Room Camp (Heya Camp). Taken as a whole, all of Asaka’s songs channels the cheery atmosphere which complements the anime wonderfully.

With the release of “So Precious”, we have Asaka performing the ending theme to season three of Laid-Back Camp. And as is befitting of an ending theme, “So Precious” is more toned down. The song hearkens back to the first season’s “Shiny Days” in the opening lines. But what follows is mellower melody that still carries an undercurrent of joy. The chorus picks up on the mood a bit, but overall, the song maintains the tranquil, content atmosphere that makes this song a pleasant way to wind down an episode.

This EP album also comes with two other songs: “Victory Road” and “I Don’t Even Know”. From the get-go, Asaka’s performance in “Victory Road” is more emphatic than “So Precious”. The instrumentals back that up with some spiffy guitar riffs and and rousing electronica. When you account for the song’s energy, “Victory Road” doesn’t out of place in as a shounen anime opener. It’s got that edge to it that works, making it a solid addition to this EP.

Finally we have “I Don’t Even Know”. “I Don’t Even Know”is the second ending theme for the Nintendo Switch Game “Mystonia no Kibou -The Lost Delight-“. And given the game’s plot about revenge, this song is appropriately somber. I found the piano melody and Asaka’s vocals combine well to capture the tragedy and sense of loss.

Overall, this is a decent EP and a solid addition to Asaka’s discography. The performances are all competent and showcase Asaka’s diverse vocal qualities. So while I won’t have it on loop, I can see myself revisiting this from time to time.

Music Sampler – So Precious