Laid-Back Camp Original Soundtrack

Album Title: Laid-Back Camp Original Soundtrack
Anime: Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp△)
Artist: Asaka, Eri Sasaki
Composer: Akiyuki Tateyama, Show Aratame, Eri Sasaki, Hero Nakamura
Release Date: March 21, 2018
Catalog Number: USSW-0084
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The Laid-Back Camp soundtrack is a rare gem that captures the anime’s warmth and silliness in equal measure, but doing so in such a way that it becomes heartwarming and memorable. To call Laid-Back Camp‘s soundtrack a triumph is no hyperbole. Akiyuki Tateyama’s compositions are nearly flawless as they cultivate a warm, quiet euphoria that seep their way into your very bones. If there was a slice of life soundtrack that I’d compare this one to, it would be the music for Aria the Animation. And if you’ve read my musings, you’ll know that I hold Aria‘s soundtrack in the highest regard.

Like Aria, the Laid-Back Camp anime and its accompanying soundtrack work in sync to bring out the emotional power of its scenes. The show depicts the growing friendship between Rin Shima, her friend Nadeshiko Kagamihara, and her fellow Outdoors Club-mates Chiaki Ougaki and Aoi Inuyama using camping as the vehicle to make this happen. And it’s a good one; the concept of camping presents an opportunity for shared experiences that helps strengthen their bonds.

As you might expect for the anime of this ilk, yes, there’s plenty of silliness to go around and the Laid-Back Camp soundtrack includes tracks depicting such. All of those are done competently. But still, they take a back seat to the pieces evoking the various campgrounds. It’s here where Tateyama’s music elevates itself to a whole new level. Every note is impeccable in the way it allows the calmness and tranquility to bubble up gently, leaving me in awe at its beauty.

Even though Laid-Back Camp‘s soundtrack was released back in 2018, it still sees regular rotation on my playlist. The emotions that Tateyama brings to the surface are wholesome and wonderful. And if you’re looking for some soul-soothing music that calms you down and instills a sense of happiness in your outlook, then look no further. This soundtrack deserves its spot as one of the most noteworthy anime soundtracks of all time.

Laid-Back Camp Music Sampler