Rico Sasaki Performs Rinkai!’s Opening Theme Windshifter

Rico Sasaki, who is currently active as a singer and voice actress has an upcoming single titled “Windshifter” which will serve as the opening theme to the Rinkai! anime series set to premiere in April 2024. The release of this single will be her first under the Lantis music label owned by Bandai Namco Music Live. It should be noted however that this will be her seventh single, having performed songs for anime series such as Kageki Shojo!! and Duel Masters King.

Rinkai! is a TV anime that is produced in conjunction with other works such as a manga and music albums. The show itself is about women’s keirin cycling and will try to showcase the appeal of cycling. In the anime, Rico Sasaki plays the role of the reigning queen character, Tsutsuji Kurume.

“Windshifter” is a fast-paced tune geared towards conveying the feeling of speed and movement while pushing the subject be persistent in the face of their challenges. Given the anime’s subject matter, it should be a good fit.

Rinkai! is yet another entry in Rico Sasaki’s entertainment resume. She started her acting career as a child star in the musical Annie and her singing career would take off nearly five years later when she won a contest by Teichiku Records. After studying at and graduating from the Tokiwagi Gakuen High School in Sendai, she continued chasing her singing career while also shifting away from acting to voice acting, with a notable role as Nanami in Clione no Akari.

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