Viral Hit Original Soundtrack

Album Title: Viral Hit Original Soundtrack
Anime: Viral Hit
Artist: Bobby John, Vivek Mehmi, Frank Bentley, R Reed
Composer: Yutaka Yamada
Release Date: April 24, 2024
Catalog Number: FBAC-214
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Viral Hit is an anime series that involves fighting in the livestreaming age. A show that’s centered around Kota Shimura, who unexpectedly beats up a bully in a fight that goes viral on the NewTube video site. This success transforms Kota and he winds up fighting other bullies while recording the fights and uploading them to NewTube.

With this as the backdrop, Yutaka Yamada has taken the reins on Viral Hit’s soundtrack. Yamada has had success as a composer through anime like Tokyo Ghoul and Vinland Saga. And in Viral Hit, he brings the gritty subject matter of unsanctioned fights to life through his music compositions.

Much of the music in Viral Hit falls into two main categories. The first are the vocal tracks. When you listen, you’ll find instances of rap, featuring the likes of Bobby John and Vivek Mehmi. Those songs speak to the desperation that Kota feels in the anime as he pushes himself to become stronger and be a somebody rather than a nobody. There are examples of R&B scattered throughout as well and those are competently delivered.

The second are the BGM tracks and these also have two sides to them. Many of the BGM have an industrial quality to them. That is, these tracks combine rock and electronica, yielding a harshness that conjures up the grittiness of the anime’s context. Finally, Yutaka Yamada also showcases his more poignant side with some introspective piano music in pieces like “Worthless” and “Daily Life”.

Viral Hit Soundtrack Sampler