The Irregular at Magic High School S3 – Shouted Serenade

Album Title: Shouted Serenade
Anime: The Irregular at Magic High School S3
Artist: LiSA
Composer: Tabuchi Tomoya, Takahashi Yu, Tsumiki
Release Date: May 22, 2024
Catalog Number: VVCL-2493
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“Shouted Serenade” marks LiSA’s 21st single since she started singing in way back in 2010. The title track for this disc is noteworthy because it’s used as the opening theme for the 3rd season of the Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka) anime. The single also includes two other tracks: “Dear Me” (“Haikei, Watashi e”) and “Hallucinate”.

Anyone who’s been familiar with LiSA’s output over the years shouldn’t find anything surprising here. Since her debut on Angel Beats, she’s leaned into her niche of being an anime music power pop idol. With particular emphasis on the power pop bit. “Shouted Serenade”, like many of her other previous works hits hard right off the get-go with an energetic beat and delivery. There is a ferocity to this piece that LiSA fans will enjoy. I found that her snarling while belting out the lyrics helped to give this song some character.

The remainder of the song is about what you’d expect from LiSA. There’s some interactivity with the backing vocals to liven things up. But all in all, LiSA gives us another solid, emphatic, energetic performance. A performance that should grab the attention of anyone who hasn’t heard her sing while keeping her existing fans happy.

While the title track has been released digitally, anyone looking to grab the full single can expect to see it arrive May 22, 2024.

Music Sampler – LiSA – Shouted Serenade