Spy x Family Original Soundtrack

Album Title: Spy×Family Original Soundtrack
Anime: Spy x Family
Artist: (K)NoW_NAME (Makoto Miyazaki, Shuhei Mutsuki)
Composer: (K)NoW_NAME (Makoto Miyazaki, Shuhei Mutsuki)
Release Date: December 21, 2022
Catalog Number: THCA-60280
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Spy x Family‘s anime soundtrack draws from a broad range of influences that details the anime’s action sequences as well as the more light-hearted, comedic moments. For the spying, action-based sequences, we get tracks like “Strix”, complete with the jazzy fare that harken to the music you’d hear in many a James Bond movie. But there are moments of levity, particularly in the Forger family’s dynamics, that require a lighter touch, and the soundtrack makes sure to include those in pieces like “Crisis of My Home”. And of course, the anime does pile on its share of heartwarming moments, which manifest in “Lullaby”.

I wouldn’t pick the soundtrack to Spy x Family as an album you’d listen to end to end – going through both discs is a tall order, after all. But pick and choose as you go and you should find some decent nuggets and come off pretty satisfied from your listening experience.

Spy x Family Music Sampler