Mashle: Magic and Muscles S2 – Bling-Bang-Bang-Born

Album Title: Nidone/Bling-Bang-Bang-Born
Anime: Mashle: Magic and Muscles S2
Artist: Creepy Nuts
Composer: DJ Matsunaga
Release Date: March 20, 2024
Catalog Number: AICL-4560
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“Bling-Bang-Bang-Born”, the hip hop intro to Mashle season 2 by the duo Creepy Nuts, has won over many music fans with its lyrical flow. The song’s introduction might be a bit on the unconventional side, but when the verses hit, the effect is irresistible as the song twists and turns in unexpected, but delightful ways. Boring it is not.

The song’s success in being able to captivate listeners extends beyond Mashle viewers. Since its release on streaming platforms, the song has managed to hit the number one spot on Japan’s streaming rankings on Apple Music and Spotify. The song has also done well overseas, landing on the number one slot on the overseas iTunes hip-hop charts for countries including Indonesia, Taiwan, Laos, Mexico, and Chile.

Creepy Nuts, the hip hop duo of DJ Matsunaga (Kunihiko Matsunaga) and R-Shitei (Kyohei Nogami) are no stranger to anime collaborations. They released “Daten”, the opening theme to the Call of the Night anime series back in 2022. “Daten” had a more tenuous connection to their hip hop roots, with a pop-y delivery backed by ska-ish instrumentals. “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” is more in their wheelhouse, and the shine they put into the lyrics, rhythm, and flow makes this release nothing short of a banger.

Music Sampler – Bling-Bang-Bang-Born