Komada: A Whisky Family Original Soundtrack

Album Title: Komada: A Whisky Family Original Soundtrack
Anime: Komada: A Whisky Family
Artist: Tatsuya Kato, Saori Hayami
Composer: Tatsuya Kato
Release Date: April 1, 2024
Catalog Number: N/A
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Tatsuya Kato’s music for Komada: A Whisky Family is light and listenable. In looking through Tatsuya Kato’s body of work, you’re not likely to find any soundtrack that anyone would call exceptional, but if there’s one thing that can be said, it’s that his soundtracks are serviceable.

So too does Komada: A Whisky Family fall into that descriptor. The album starts with a light piano piece to set the mood, then offers some some orchestral pieces to sate the palate before moving on to some smooth jazz. The mood the album seeks to inculcate is one of warmth, which makes sense given the anime film’s focus on the warmth and closeness of the Komada family and possibly its dedication to making a whisky recipe handed down the generations.

Oh, and did I mention the smooth jazz? Yeah, there’s quite a bit of that scattered through the soundtrack. It’s warm and soothing as I mentioned, but I get it if it’s not your cup of tea… or whisky. You’ll hear it prominently in pieces like “Welcome to the Komada Distillery” to inspirational fare like “Make a Comeback” to backing Saori Hayami’s performance on the sole song on the album “Dear My Future”.

If your ok with your music sounding like the background music to the Weather Channel, give Komada’s soundtrack a look. And yes, there are times where I’m down to throw a Weather Channel CD into the player to unwind. But if you prefer engaging with the music more actively, you may just want to skip this one.

Komada: A Whisky Family Original Soundtrack Sampler