Blue Lock Original Soundtrack

Album Title: Bluelock Original Sound Track
Anime: Blue Lock
Artist: Jun☆Murayama
Composer: Jun☆Murayama
Release Date: March 22, 2023
Catalog Number: LACA-9969~70
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Watching the Blue Lock anime feels like hype piled upon hype. The stakes are high and the soccer games get pretty intense as a result as the atmosphere builds up to some pretty satisfying climaxes. Thankfully, the music in Blue Lock rises to the occasion to support all that hype, dishing out with some pretty hard-hitting rock guitar riffs. When you keep that in mind, Blue Lock‘s OST takes you from one boss battle to the next.

This is by no means a bad thing if you like the harsher rock/metal music that the soundtrack serves up in spades. But if you aren’t a fan, the music can get overwhelming at times at the lack of diverse tones. Sure, the soundtrack does take care to provide a few softer, more emotional fare like “MEGURU” and there are also the comical asides that get depicted in the Additional Time segments which you’ll hear in the eponymous “Additional Time”. But that takes a back seat to the ROCKIN’.

It’s not an album I’ll consume the whole way through, but a dose here and there is fine enough.

Blue Lock Soundtrack Sampler