Bartender: Glass of God – Stardust Memory

Album Title: Stardust Memory
Anime: Bartender: Glass of God
Artist: Takaya Kawasaki
Composer: Takaya Kawasaki
Release Date: April 3, 2024
Catalog Number: 5021732244284
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“Stardust Memory”, performed by composer/singer Takaya Kawasaki, is the opener to 2024’s Bartender: Glass of God. The earlier incarnation of the Bartender anime featured the energetic pop-style jazz of Natural High (pianist Kaoruko Ohtake and singer Yuko Shiroki) coupled with additional vocals from Junpei Shiina. The piece had a good amount of energy and reflects the arc of each of the anime’s episodes. That is, a drink from the titular bartender Ryu Sasakura leads to an emotional outpouring, and ultimately, healing.

In contrast, Takaya Kawasaki’s performance on “Stardust Memory” has a laid-back, dreamy feel. His tone is measured and his vocal timbre is pretty soothing, though it doesn’t strike me as memorable. But whether that tone represents the direction this new version of Bartender will take remains to be seen. If nothing else, this song is a pleasant listen overall.

Music Sampler – Stardust Memory