Eminence Symphony Orchestra SMASH! 2011 Concert to Feature Animated Work

The Eminence Symphony Orchestra, in the grand tradition of such performances A Night in Fantasia once again have another concert in the works in Australia.

On July 16, 2011, Eminence presents Memories of Fantasia in conjunction with the Sydney Manga and Anime Show (SMASH!), a concert which will feature musical works sourced from Square-Enix video games and Studio Ghibli anime. On top of that, Eminence will also present Last Goodbye, which is a short musical animated work and will debut at SMASH! 2011. Artists expected to be present include Hiroki Kikuta, Kenji Ito, and Mari Yoshida along with the Eminence ensemble.

For those looking to attend the concert, tickets can be purchased here: http://tickets.smash.org.au/

Ghibli Movie, Only Yesterday, Gets Stage Adaptation

Starting at Tokyo’s Ginga Gekijō theater, the Studio Ghibli film, Only Yesterday, will premiere as a stage musical starting April 16, 2011 and continuing until April 29, 2011. The stage adaptation will star Hikaru Asami as Taeko during the musical’s Tokyo run, with Keaki Mori playing Taeko’s mother. Tamiya Kuriyama will be behind the director’s chair, and Masato Kai is in charge of the musical’s soundtrack.

There are additional plans to take it out of Tokyo, with a performance in Semboku City before embarking upon a national tour April of 2012.

Source: Oricon via AnimeNewsNetwork

Azumi Inoue Releases Collection of Ghibli Songs

Azumi Inoue, best known for singing the ending songs to a variety of Studio Ghibli movies such as “Carrying You” from Laputa: Castle in the Sky and “My Neighbor Totoro,” the theme song to the anime of the same name, has released a vocal album that focuses entirely on songs from Ghibli’s movies. The album, titled Ghibli Meikyoku Selection~Dear Ghibli, includes the work she’s done as well as covers of other artists’ works such as Fujimaki Fujioka and Nozomi Ohashi’s duet in Ponyo’s ending theme song and Youmi Kimura’s “Itsumo Nandodemo” from Spirited Away.

Samples have been listed on the album page at HearJapan for those interested in seeing what she has to offer.

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