Win an Anime CD! Listen to Shirokuma Cafe’s “Grizzly-san no G★ROCK” ED Theme

Polar Bear Cafe, also known as Shirokuma Cafe, has had its moments of hilarity and lameness.  The anime’s premise is all about seeing animals act like people and the results are mixed.  But if there’s any character that has succeeded at being awesome, it would have to be Shirokuma Cafe’s Grizzly.  His ending song runs true to form with his exaggerated sense of aggressiveness and is definitely a departure from all of the seiyuu idol pop that has been coming out as of late.  So when you get the chance, give our review of Shirokuma Cafe’s second ending theme, “Grizzly-san no G★ROCK” a read and give the single a listen!

Also, Anime Instrumentality is giving away an anime CD.  Just check this team blog post for all the details on how to fill out your entry and win!  Looking forward to seeing the submissions and good luck.

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