Girl Band ZONE Breaks Up

ZONE, the band composed of four girls, Miyu Nagase, Mizuho Saito, Maiko Sakae, and Takayo Ookoshi, has officially come to an end after more than eleven years of making music.  The announcement was made by vocalist Maiko Sakae on the official website for RunTime Entertainment, saying that the band is no more and cited reasons including Miyu Nagase’s trouble with the record label which led to her losing her contract.  At this point, the band was down to only 2 members after Mizuho Saito and Takayo Ookoshi left the group.

Fans of ZONE will probably know them best for songs like “secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~” which was more recently featured in the Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai, but also could be found in anime such as Today, in Class 5-2 as well as a cover by another all-girl band, Scandal.  Anime fans can also find ZONE in the opening theme in “True Blue” as well as an ending theme, both of which were for a more recent version of Astro Boy.

Macross Frontier Singer May’n to go on Rock Your Beats World Tour

For people who enjoyed May’n’s work as the singing voice for Sheryl Nome on Macross Frontier’s soundtrack, loved her Anime Expo concert performance, or enjoyed the work she did for Phi Brain’s OP theme, “Brain Diver,” you’re in luck as May’n is setting forth upon a world tour titled Rock Your Beats!

The tour itself is set to begin in late June with a visit to the Key Club in Los Angeles on June 21 where she’ll perform with a live band and sign autographs for VIP ticket holders. From there, she’ll proceed to go to Yoshi’s in San Francisco on June 23 before departing to Germany, France, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

Further information about ticket sales and concert venues outside the United States can be found on the Resonance website.

School Food Punishment To Go On Hiatus

Ever since the release of “Futuristic Imagination” from Eden of the East, School Food Punishment have made quite a splash in the realm of anime opening and ending themes through their blend of voice, acoustic, and electric instruments which lends itself to a rich, complex, aural experience. After releasing such well-received singles as [C]’s RPG and Un-go’s How to Go, School Food Punishment have announced, unfortunately, that they will be going on hiatus. Although no reason was given for this hiatus, the individual members will continue making music… just not as a cohesive unit like they were. Whether they will actually make a return as a group like Do As Infinity, who knows? We’ll have to wait and see.


Tickets for Mikuni Shimokawa's Singapore Concert on Sale

As reported earlier, Mikuni Shimokawa had announced a concert to be taking place on August 22 of this year and that the concert would be held at the Movida, St James Power Station venue. And for those looking to attend, tickets are finally available and on sale to the public.

Tickets for the event can be found on Gatecrash. The tickets themselves cost around SGD $93 excluding booking fee.

Utada Hikaru Going on Hiatus

J-pop singer Utada Hikaru has announced on her blog that she’ll be going on hiatus starting next year. She does plan to release a full-length album consisting of her more recent singles before she departs, but as she takes note to emphasize, this will not be a retirement announcement or even a break. Based on what she wrote, she’s looking to mature as an artist and once she feels recharged, it’ll be full steam ahead.

What she doesn’t say is how long this hiatus will last because she hints it could range from 2 years to as long as 5 years. It has been 12 years since she debuted and has been working almost non-stop this entire time.

Nana Mizuki's Impact Exciter Lands #2 Slot on Oricon Weeklies

Seiyuu and singer Nana Mizuki’s latest album, Impact Exciter, has managed to get ranked on the Oricon weekly charts for the week of July 5, 2010 by selling 93,000 copies of the album. This mark tops her previous album’s effort in that Ultimate Diamond managed to sell 74,000 copies last year.

Impact Exciter is Nana Mizuki’s eighth album, and anime fans who follow her closely should be able to pick out tracks such as “Mugen,” which was the intro song to the second run of the White Album anime and “Phantom Minds” from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha movie.

Source: Kyō mo Yarareyaku via Anime News Network

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