IOSYS Composes Theme Song for Winter Anime Yumekui Merry

In another sign of just how far the doujin music scene has come, it looks like that the doujin music circle IOSYS will be doing the theme songs to this winter’s Yumekui Merry anime series. The plot of the show revolves around the protagonist’s ability to see other people’s dreams and nightmares and one day, he meets a girl who comes from the land of dreams.

I’m slightly skeptical of how this will go because, to be frank, IOSYS hasn’t exactly been at the top of their game in their latest Touhou releases. A lot of their tracks are somewhat gimmicky and the last album that Anime Instrumentality reviewed, their Anime House Vol. 2 album, was utterly atrocious. Still, that they’ve gotten this gig is pretty interesting and I do hope to see some good melodies/tunes come out of it.

If anything’s for certain, the quality of the OP/ED will most definitely depend on the singers they can find. Some of their usuals just haven’t been able to cut it.

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