M.O.V.E Continues Working on Initial D With New Theme Song

If there’s anything that sets racing anime Initial D apart from other anime, it’s that the anime uses a lot of Eurobeat to set the stage for the races.  One of the groups who have been a part of this project has been the 2-person band M.O.V.E, which includes singer yuri (real name Yuri Masuda) and rapper motsu (real name Mototaka Segawa).  And based on reports out of Kodansha Magazine via MangaNewsJapon, M.O.V.E will be writing and performing a new theme song for the Initial D anime set to be released this year.

This won’t be the first time M.O.V.E has worked on the Initial D franchise.  One of their greatest hits (see below), “Around the world,” was used as Initial D’s opening theme.  Some of their other works for anime include “Romancing Train” from Final Fantasy Unlimited and “i WAKE YOUR LOVE!,” which was used in Asobotto Senki Goku.  Currently, no single announcements have been made.  As for this latest addition to the Initial D franchise, expect it to air this coming November.

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