A Harmonica Rendition of Ano Hana’s Secret Base

One of the most heartfelt songs in anime comes in the form of Ano Hana’s ending theme “Secret Base”, a song originally performed by the all-girl band ZONE, but has been repurposed many times, including for anime. The song is particularly poignant in the way it meshes with Ano Hana’s storyline pound for pound and it’s hard not to get a chill in the back of your spine after hearing its sentiments and really understanding the lyrics and becomes an unforgettable experience for most.

As always, it’s fun seeing the song used in other contexts and Youtuber Jang Li graces us with a harmonica version of the piece. Through his expressiveness, “Secret Base” retains its heartfelt message, standing well on its own to dispense with its sentiments to yield something absolutely beautiful. Give a listen to it below:

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