Vocaloid Character Hatsune Miku Turns Three

Given all of the Hatsune Miku songs that have been created and played on sites like Nico Nico Douga, it seems as though she’s been around forever. But when August 31 rolls around, it’s a firm reminder just how relatively new she is as she turns 3 years old this year.

With a voice sampled from the voice actress Saki Fujita (known most recently for playing the roll of Mahiru Inami from Working!!), Hatsune Miku has gone on to do arrangements of popular anime themes along with original works like supercell’s “Melt” and more famously, “Black Rock Shooter.” Her popularity continues to grow and reach out far beyond Japan and with new mixes continually being churned out, she still has plenty left in her and so, we can all look forward to seeing what this year brings for her!

Gackpoid Vocaloid Voice Celebrates its 2nd Year!

Though not quite as popular or well-known as his counterparts Miku Hatsune, the Kagamine twins, and Luka Megurine, Kamui Gakupo, better known to most Vocaloid enthusiasts out there as the sexy, aggressive Gackpoid, is celebrating his 2nd year of coming into being. The voice, taken from J-pop-rock singer Gackt, has been used in all sorts of creations, ranging from the heavy metal pieces composed by ROY to lighter fare like turnastudio’s qawsedrftgyhujikolp. Often looked upon as the Vocaloid team’s sexiest singer, now might be a good time to sample some of the songs that use his voice. You can check out some of the following below:

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