Bakemonogatari Full Soundtrack To Be Released in December

For a lot of us, Bakemonogatari was an anime that was high on the charm and presented with it a lot of excellent music. If you are like us in any way, songs like “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari,” “Staple Stable,” and “Renai Circulation” will live long in our consciousness. The same can be said for Satoru Kousaki’s Bakemonogatari soundtrack, which features his usual atmospheric tones along with minimalistic piano melodies. The problem? None of them have been compiled on a CD… until now.

Finally, Aniplex has gotten their act together and have made a belated release of Bakemonogatari’s soundtrack compiled alongside the opening and ending themes we love so much. The entire package is spread across two discs and will be released on December 21, 2011. Those of you interested in ordering the soundtrack can do so through CDJapan or Play-Asia.

The Traditional and New Age Combine in Sei-Peridot's Vocaloid Album

Sei-Peridot’s latest album, Trees of Origin, has been released since July 14. This Vocaloid album, featuring Megurine Luka, is described as combining New-Age together with traditional Japanese music, with the result being a rather unique sound.

Sei-Peridot is been known for producing Vocaloid music primarily with Rock or New-Age music, but all of his works share a bent towards using traditional Japanese sounds.

If this sounds interesting or promising, more information can be had over at HearJapan.

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