Weekly Anime Music Releases – February 25

February comes to an end and that means spring is but a mere 3 weeks away! That brings with it a new anime season with new shows to check out and old anime to wrap up and see how things end. What you should also look forward to are new anime soundtracks that are due once a series finishes. While there isn’t a whole lot of that here, they’ll come sooner rather than later and when they do, it’ll be fantastic indeed since this current season has quite a few that are worth checking out.

So with that in mind, this week is a pretty action-packed anime music release week. :

Anime OP/ED Singles

Yurikuma Arashi OP Single

Yurikuma Arashi

Album Name: Ano Mori de Matteru
Artist: Bonjour Suzuki
Purchase at: CDJapan
Yurikuma Arashi fans should be pleased to know that the opening theme to the anime, “Ano Mori de Matteru” will finally be released at long last. The song has that soft, seductive feel to it that meshes really nicely with the anime’s subject matter. Furthermore the manner in which the lyrics are delivered, that is to say, a sort of rap mixed in with the cooing eroticism, is really pleasing to the ear and should delight many a fan.

Death Parade Flyers OP

Death Parade

Album Name: Flyers
Artist: BRADIO
Purchase at: CDJapan
Out of all the opening themes from shows airing this winter, nothing quite compares to BRADIO’s opening for Death Parade: “Flyers”. Its atmosphere is just really fun as the music makes you want to get up and dance. Although the macabre nature of the anime is at odds with the partying love fest that the OP theme packs in spades, it’s still a song that easily stands out as being, if not the best, the most entertaining one on offer.

Koufuko Grafitti ED Theme

Koufuku Graffiti

Album Name: Egao ni Naru
Artist: Ryo (CV: Rina Satoh) & Kirin (CV: Asuka Ogame)
Purchase at: CDJapan
In terms of songs sung by an anime’s seiyuu, I suppose you could do a lot worse than Rina Satoh’s and Asuka Ogame’s delivery in “Egao ni Naru” for Koufuku Graffiti. Given the show’s content, it’s not a surprise that the central focus of the ED theme is on the joys of cooking and you’ll be able to hear both seiyuu gush over how much fun it is to cook and consume their creations. The song itself is pretty saccharine sweet, but I suppose you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shirobako OPED Theme


Album Name: TREASURE BOX / Platinum Jet
Artist: Masami Okui, Juri Kimura, Haruka Yoshimura, Haruka Chisuga, Asami Takano, Hitomi Ohwada
Purchase at: CDJapan
Now here’s something pleasant and uplifting. In a show that started about dreams and is now showing some of the more surprising aspects of the anime industry, Shirobako is a breath of fresh air that has an OP/ED single that is light and fun. The opening theme, “Treasure box”, is pleasant with Masami Okui’s voice leading the way with her warm vocals and makes for an endearing song. The ED, “Platinum Jet”, features Shirobako‘s main cast singing an energetic theme that is as fun as the anime itself and together, makes the album worth checking out.

World Break Single

World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

Album Name: Magna Idea
Artist: fortuna
Purchase at: CDJapan
I don’t think World Break is on too many people’s radars and that’s just as well. In terms of enjoyability, this ending theme is more or less a go-by-the-numbers pop song that doesn’t really try to expand horizons or do anything exceptional. It meets the bare standard for what ED themes ought to do and that is to say, it doesn’t do much at all. Nothing was lost here.

Aikatsu Insert Song 3


Album Name: Beautiful Song
Purchase at: CDJapan
Is anyone watching much of Aikatsu!? I mean, I’m not, but there’s always a chance and you can never really tell anyway. So if you’re into that show, you might enjoy the insert song “Beautiful Song” which features the voice cast of the anime singing away like the idle idols they are.

Garo ED Theme 2


Album Name: FOCUS
Artist: Showtaro Morikubo
Purchase at: CDJapan
GARO THE ANIMATION has benefited from really strong opening sequences where JAM Projects jumps into the fray to create a huge ruckus of energy that is infectious. Through this ending theme, “FOCUS”, we have Showtaro Morikubo carrying about with a rocking sound that fits in with the show’s opening series as the hot-blooded delivery comes in like a hurricane, leaving you a little dumbfounded.

Assassination Classroom ED Theme

Assassination Classroom

Album Name: Hello, shooting-star
Artist: moumoon
Purchase at: CDJapan
Based on the album cover, this album single definitely looks like it’s divorced from the Assassination Classroom anime. Here, vocalist moumoon gives a very quiet performance that is almost folksy based on the instrumentation in the background. Altogether, this leads to a very wonderful performance that’s very much underrated. If only more anime had music of this caliber and I could find myself very relaxed indeed.

Anime Soundtracks and Albums

Soukyuu no Fafner EXODUS Original Soundtrack

Soukyuu no Fafner EXODUS

Album Name: Soukyuu no Fafner EXODUS Original Soundtrack vol.1
Artist: Tsuneyoshi Saito
Purchase at: CDJapan
There’s really little that needs to be said here. In the soundtrack for Soukyuu no Fafner EXODUS, we see the return of Tsuneyoshi Saito, backed by the full power of the Warsaw Philharmonic to deliver some stunningly beautiful orchestral goodness. The original Fafner really caught my attention musically when it featured the beautiful piano concerto in “SHOKO”. Whether this is something that will continue in this edition, it’s hard to say, but never count out Saito when it comes to delivering a beautiful score that rises to the occasion.

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