Previewing the Kill la Kill Soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano

「キルラキル」オリジナルサウンドトラックPV (HD) by AnimeSlovenija

Just recently, we reported on how Kill la Kill’s soundtrack will be released around Christmas. Well, now that the release date is about a month away, we’ve actually gotten a chance to preview the music which you can check out through the video above.

As is usual with Hiroyuki Sawano, you get that big Hollywood type sound that is bombastic and overblown, which works for the action-packed anime. And then there are also the vocals, many of which remind listeners of some of the tracks from Attack on Titan’s soundtrack.

So take a look above and see if the music from Kill la Kill is up to your liking and if it is, definitely pre-order it, which you can do from CDJapan if your goal is to get this soundtrack around its Christmas release date. It’ll be worth it if you’re finding yourself enthralled by Sawano’s music for this anime.

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  1. Usaamah says:

    From what I’ve watched of it, and heard of it, most of it does fit the mood and craziness of the anime, while mixing in suitably epic scores which enhance the atmosphere where they are used. Probably well-implemented, somewhat different from the more common sounds we hear from Hiroyuki, but fitting for Kill la Kill. Sawano has a penchant for music that fits the mood of the show.

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