Luna Sea’s “Limit” Featured on Endride Anime Trailer

Luna Sea, a J-rock band formed in Kanagawa, will be making their return to the anime realm with a song titled “Limit”. “Limit” will serve as the opening theme song to Brain Base’s upcoming anime, Endride, which is about a boy who travels to a fantasy world located beneath the earth.

For people who are into J-rock and Luna Sea in particular should rejoice. “Limit” is Luna Sea’s latest effort after a long hiatus; they haven’t written a song since “A Will” which dates all the way back to 2013. On top of that, “Limit” is also their first anime tie-in. But for those not familiar with the band, Luna Sea has been around since 1986 and are considered one of the more successful visual-kei bands. Currently, the group is made up of lead singer Ryuichi Kawamura, Jun “J” Onose on bass, Kiyonobu “Inoran” Inoue, who plays rhythm guitar, lead guitarist Yūne “Sugizo” Sugihara, and Shinya Yamada on drums. Pretty much all of these members have been a part of the band since the late 1980s.

In any case, for J-rock fans or anime fans interested in their work or just want to catch sight of Endride, here’s the trailer for the anime that includes the Luna Sea song. The song itself is an intense, but emotional J-rock track that’s not as overbearing as other songs in that genre.

Endride will be airing on April 2 of this year. Soundtrack fans might be excited to learn that the composer on the anime will be one of our favorites: Kouhei Tanaka.

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