Yoko Kanno Composes Intro to NHK’s 62nd Kohaku Uta Gassen

Looks like one of the reasons why Japanese composer Yoko Kanno hasn’t been composing so much anime music has been answered. Although she has not had any new anime compositions since the Macross Frontier movies, we’re about to see new compositions from her. The first will be for the next addition to the Sousei no Aquarion franchise, titled Aquarion Evol which is set to be aired in Winter 2012’s anime season.

But perhaps more importantly, Kanno has been assigned to compose the opening to NHK’s 62nd Kohaku Uta Gessen, a music show that takes place every year on New Year’s Eve. The piece itself is set to play when hosts Arashi and Mao Inoue are introduced as well as when artists are introduced, artists which include the likes of Ayumi Hamazaki, Nana Mizuki, and L’Arc~en~Ciel.

Source: Oricon via Tokyohive.

Yoko Kanno’s Composition for Earthquake Victims

As a remembrance to the victims of the March 11 earthquake that struck Japan, anime composer Yoko Kanno as written a short piece that displays a great deal of sadness over the event. The piece is especially appropriate given that Kanno was born in Miyagi prefecture, which is one of the most hardest hit areas.

Kanno’s composition can be heard below:

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Tenmon and Makoto Shinkai Collaboration Continues in Hoshi o Ou Kodomo

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard of anything out of Makoto Shinkai, but with his announcement of the new Hoshi o Ou Kodomo movie, we can finally look forwards to a visual feast that has been Shinkai’s hallmark among anime directors.

The story looks to follow a girl’s coming of age as she ventures forth to meet a boy. Whether the movie’s themes will reprise the obstacles of love and distance that characterize Shinkai’s previous works is up in the air, but it should make for some poignant storytelling.

The soundtrack will, once again, be composed by Tenmon. We’ve recently reviewed Eminence Symphony Orchestra’s Makoto Shinkai album titled Promise which features a selection of Tenmon’s music from Shinkai’s movies, so give that album a shot if you’re looking to see how heartfelt his music is.

All told, this project does sound promising and here’s hoping for another success!

Disko Warp Music Releases Happy Hardcore Anime Arrangement Album

Pete Ellison, known by his DJ moniker as Initial P has released an anime arrange album through his music label, Disko Warp Records. The album, titled Anime Love Hardcore, consists of ten anime songs, all arranged in the style of happy hardcore, featuring sped up rhythms and vocals and run the gamut of anime titles as far back as Lupin III and the more recent Tengen Toppa Gurrent Lagaan.

The album has already been on sale through iTunes. You can also purchase the physical copy of the album through Disko Warp’s website.

Mahoraba Singer/Composer Bice Passes Away

You might not have heard of Bice, but those who’ve seen Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ may remember the sweet, charming music that played in the anime as well as the calm, soothing vocals that accompanied some of the BGM. Bice, who also goes by Anne, composed the score for Mahoraba’s anime and provided said vocals. Regretfully, she has passed away on Monday, June 26, from a heart attack.

In addition to Mahoraba, Bice also composed music for Kirarin Revolution as well as a live-action adaptation of a Yayoi Ogawa work.

Source: Natalie

Aa from Savage Genius Goes on Maternity Leave

Aa, the sole member of the band Savage Genius, has announced that she is going on maternity leave. This effectively brings the band’s work to a halt since composer/producer TAKUMI retired in 2007.

Savage Genius began their career with the release of “Orange” in 2002. Since then, they have had a lot of credits to their name with anime opening and ending themes, ranging from Simoun’s ending theme “Song of Prayer” to their biggest hit, “Forever…” for Elemental Gelade, which saw them rise up to #16 on the Oricon charts.

Source: Aa’s blog

Nana Mizuki's Impact Exciter Lands #2 Slot on Oricon Weeklies

Seiyuu and singer Nana Mizuki’s latest album, Impact Exciter, has managed to get ranked on the Oricon weekly charts for the week of July 5, 2010 by selling 93,000 copies of the album. This mark tops her previous album’s effort in that Ultimate Diamond managed to sell 74,000 copies last year.

Impact Exciter is Nana Mizuki’s eighth album, and anime fans who follow her closely should be able to pick out tracks such as “Mugen,” which was the intro song to the second run of the White Album anime and “Phantom Minds” from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha movie.

Source: Kyō mo Yarareyaku via Anime News Network

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