AM2 Anime Convention Adds Kanon Wakeshima and An Cafe’s Kanon to Concert Lineup

AM2, the Southern California anime convention set to take place from July 1-3 has already started putting together their musical guest lineups. Of the major guests to be announced, the first major announcement has been for the duo of Kanon Wakeshima and An Cafe’s Kanon to perform together.

Needless to say, for anime fans, this should bring a lot of delight. Kanon Wakeshima is known for her cello skills often performed with a gothic lolita sound in mind. She has been notable for being the artist for such works as Vampire Knight’s ending theme, “Still Doll.”

The other Kanon, a bassist for the band An Cafe, will be performing with her. This Kanon brings a legendary Akiba-kei Otaku male sound to the concert. This combination isn’t a huge mind-blower as both did work on the Shiki anime opening theme, “Calendula Requiem.”

Kalafina Named as Guest of Honor for Anime Expo

Anime Expo’s first major concert announcement has surfaced. On July 2, 2011, the trio Kalafina will be performing at Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

For fans who don’t know, Kalafina is a trio of singers. This group was initially created to sing the theme songs for the Kara no Kyoukai movies, but their popularity remained so strong that they’ve continued on to this day. All of their music is composed by Yuki Kajiura and includes such hits as Magia, the ending theme to Puella Magi Madoka Magica as well as Sora no Woto’s opening theme, Hikari no Senritsu.

Needless to say, this announcement brings up a lot of excitement and here’s hoping that Yuki Kajiura will also make an appearance!

K-ON! Concert Date Set for February 2011

With all the popularity and success that the K-ON! anime series seems to have garnered through its two seasons of airing, it only makes sense to fire off a concert, this time, to extend coverage to the second season of K-ON!. So with that in mind, the official website has announced a second K-ON! live concert to be held in February of 2011.

Once again, it’s expected that the voice actresses who portray the characters in the anime will be practicing on their instruments so that they can deliver with what they did for their first concert. More details are bound to come towards the end of November, so stay tuned for all that!

Ghibli Movie, Only Yesterday, Gets Stage Adaptation

Starting at Tokyo’s Ginga Gekij┼Ź theater, the Studio Ghibli film, Only Yesterday, will premiere as a stage musical starting April 16, 2011 and continuing until April 29, 2011. The stage adaptation will star Hikaru Asami as Taeko during the musical’s Tokyo run, with Keaki Mori playing Taeko’s mother. Tamiya Kuriyama will be behind the director’s chair, and Masato Kai is in charge of the musical’s soundtrack.

There are additional plans to take it out of Tokyo, with a performance in Semboku City before embarking upon a national tour April of 2012.

Source: Oricon via AnimeNewsNetwork

Tickets for Mikuni Shimokawa's Singapore Concert on Sale

As reported earlier, Mikuni Shimokawa had announced a concert to be taking place on August 22 of this year and that the concert would be held at the Movida, St James Power Station venue. And for those looking to attend, tickets are finally available and on sale to the public.

Tickets for the event can be found on Gatecrash. The tickets themselves cost around SGD $93 excluding booking fee.

Seiyuu Pop Group Sphere Concert Announced at Budokan

Sphere, the pop group made up of seiyuu Aki Toyosaki, Haruka Tomatsu, Ayahi Takagaki, and Minako Kotobuki, have announced a concert at Budokan on November 23, 2010. The concert, ON LOVE, ON Live, will open their doors at 4:30pm and officially start at 5:30pm.

Anime music fans should be familiar with Sphere’s work given their debut single for Hatsukoi Limited’s intro, titled “Future Stream.” They’ve gone on to release “Super Noisy Nova” for Sora no Manimani, and, most recently, Asobi ni Ikuyo!’s “Now loading…Sky!!.” They also have a single set to be released in October for an anime premiering in Fall 2010.

Source: Sphere website via J1m0ne.

Dir En Grey to Tour US, VIP Packages Available

Japanese metal band Dir En Grey is all set to begin touring in the United States, performing in such cities as Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland in late August, early September.

The tour will begin in North America at Toronto on August 23 before moving on to the United States with a performance at the Nokia Theater in New York on August 24. More information about the dates and locations can be found on Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles.

VIP packages are also on sale, which includes goodies such as an opportunity to meet and greet with the band members, a Dir En Grey VIP carabiner, a hand-signed Dir En Grey silk-screened poster, and a commemorative VIP laminate. More information about the VIP packages can be found here.

Eminence Symphony Orchestra Announces Japan Concert in August

The Eminence Symphony Orchestra, based out in Australia and known for performing music to video games and anime have announced that they will be performing in Japan on August 14, 2010. The concert, titled “Passion: Twilight Legacy” will include such pieces as the Otakon 2010 theme song and possibly a few tracks from the Project Promise disc containing arrangements of music from Makoto Shinkai’s works. For those who are not able to attend, there are options on the table to have the concert streamed.

More information can be found on the concert website.

Mikuni Shimokawa to Perform in Singapore On August 22

Mikuni Shimokawa seems to be back in action internationally, as she has announced a concert in Singapore on August 22, 2010. The singer, well-known for performing a large number of intro and outro songs to shows such as Full Metal Panic, Kino’s Journey, and Grenadier, will be performing at the Movida, St James Power Station venue and presumably, her anime songs should feature prominently in that concert. In addition to Singapore, she will also be traveling to South Korea and Hong Kong for concert performances.

Source: Mikuni Shimokawa’s Official Site

Hatsune Miku Arrives in America Through TinierMe

Miku and the other Vocaloids aren’t limited to the space on Youtube or Nico Nico Douga, or Japanese retail stores. Hatsune Miku will go as far as to appear on TinierMe, a virtual world developed by GCREST America, Inc. in the vein of Second Life through a partnership with Crypton Future Media.

From July 20 until November 30, 2010, you can catch Miku perform newly-released songs within the virtual world. That is, the composer, KarenT will release new songs over that time period as a way of keeping the virtual concert varied and interesting. Those interested can create an avatar in TinierMe to check it all out.

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