The Pillows Performs Ninja Slayer’s Episode 1 Ending Theme

For most anime fans, their exposure to the rock band The Pillows came about through watching FLCL. Amidst FLCL‘s spasticness, The Pillows thrilled with musical numbers such as “Ride on Shooting Star” and my personal favorite of the bunch: “Little Busters”. Although their anime contributions since then have been few and far in between with contributions to Beck and Moonlight Mile, this spring season, they’ll be contributing a song to the Ninja Slayer anime’s long list of ending themes in the form of “Locomotion, more! more”. Better still, this song will be the first ending song to be played in case you don’t want to go through the entire Ninja Slayer anime.

So although Ninja Slayer has been streamed about a year ago, the new Ninja Slayer TV airing will compile those TV episodes with the broadcast to begin airing on April 2 on Tokyo MX1.

And if you’re like me and you’re not all that keen on watching Ninja Slayer, you can still catch sight of the song on The Pillows’ 20th album, titled Stroll and Roll. This album will be released on April 6, marking 27 years of being around, rocking out, and winning Western fans with their contributions to that Gainax anime of old, FLCL.

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