Rocking up some karuta

We’ve been on a tear lately with our publishing and for good reason: there’s a lot of interesting anime music in store that we want to share and thought that you would find awesome!

Our first review is of the Chihayafuru 2 Original Soundtrack. Once again, composer Kousuke Yamashita does the music for this anime and while we really loved the first season’s soundtrack (judging by how it deserved our award for Anime Soundtrack of the Year), we unfortunately have to say that this one doesn’t quite meet with our expectations. That said, there are some lovely pieces and that it does end well with the lovely ending theme titled “Akanezora” sung by seiyuu Asami Seto. I’m not sure why more songs aren’t like that as it’s become one of my favorite ending themes this year.

The next one is of the awesome Nana Mizuki and TM Revolution team-up combo. Yup! I’m talking about none other than the magnificent Valvrave the Liberator OP single titled “Preserved Roses.” As you might expect from such a teamwork, this piece flat-out rocks and it’s a grand spectacle. The problem then becomes that it really doesn’t have much soul to back it up. Nana Mizuki and T.M. Revolution don’t quite put in sterling performances and the result is that it’s nowhere as awesome as it could be. I wouldn’t really recommend this album too much since it veers on the side of being only slightly above average.

So that’s a wrap for this week’s edition. Hope to be able to turn out more anime music reviews for your perusal!

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