Club2theMAX Schedules Anaheim Convention during July 4th holidays.

Apparently, Club2theMAX, a new convention is seeking to make something out of its admittedly odd choice for a convention date. Club2theMAX, self-described as a place where fans and industry can meet (presumably related to all things Japan) will be held on July 1-3, 2011 in Anaheim, CA at the Anaheim Convention Center.

For veteran convention goers, you’ll know that this Southern California convention will clash with another well-known SoCal convention: Anime Expo. Where this convention looks to differ is the fact that it’s charging no admission, so for the budget conscious, that might be an appealing proposal.

Nothing’s been set yet though. Their website is trying to raise interest in activities such as concerts, cosplay, dances, and whatnot, but as of yet, there’s no schedule out. I’m admittedly a skeptic where this is concerned, but will be keeping an eye out on them nonetheless.

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  1. Kenneth Rile says:

    Personally Im looking forward to club2themax after all the horror I dealt with anime expo as both an exhibitor and attendee. I have met with the heads of both and see MAX has potential to grow within the upcoming years through word of mouth. I checked out MAX on day 1 of Anime expo and found myself more immersed talking to the volunteers, maids and heads while day 1 of AX i was just in the exhibitors hall but day 2 and 3 of AX were more worth it.

    I look forward to see what both will offer and decide were we go from there, since prices are alot cheaper at MAX but of course since AX is more established theres a reason why it costs more

    • Chris Nguyen says:

      I think the guests that AX is capable of pulling in gives them a strong edge. I know I really like going to AX for the concerts since that’s where I derive the most value so MAX will really need to go all out in the same kind of vein that MangaGamer was able to pull off this past AX. In a down economy no less!

      I said I’m a skeptic, but if MAX can remove that doubt, all the better. Hell, I encourage them to do so!

  2. Kenneth Rile says:

    interesting enough the PR behind Max was former PR for Anime Expo and responsible for a lot of the previous musical guests that included this years guests as remnants before they were let go. Bam marketing is also PR that handles all the Japanese bands that come down that included, X Japan, Vamps, Skin, Dir En grey, they also handled Utada Hikaru, so im loving what they will pull for this new con.

    While many of the events are free, big ones will have a small fee which is fine because i spent like 75 extra dollars for concerts and masquerade so that really hurt me.

  3. Kenneth Rile says:

    I think alot of Japan really supports Club2theMAX you don’t see alot of Anime Expo in Japan but there is some news after the con of the guests but this one is a surprise it also talks about other cons and the success they have.

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