Time of Eve Kickstarter Continuing to Shine

Time of Eve, also known as Eve no Jikan, has been pulling strong through its Kickstarter Project. The goal for the Kickstarter was to raise $18,000 towards releasing the entirety of the movie in Blu-Ray format for a worldwide audience. Given that we’re about halfway through the campaign, Time of Eve has managed to raise nearly $107,000, which is considerably more than its goal amount. In doing so, it’s also succeeded in passing the stretch goal of $50,000, which allows the Eve no Jikan movie to have an English dub. Currently, there are no further stretch goals down the road, but nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what comes down the pipeline seeing that there are still 15 days left.

In light of that, we do encourage you to give this film a try if you’re interested in a science fiction kind of story. On top of that, the Eve no Jikan soundtrack was released about three years ago. With anime music by Tooru Okada, the soundtrack comes across as a minimalist work. Perhaps overly so because it can be hard to listen to this music on a standalone basis. Nevertheless, we definitely recommend giving it a go. It can certainly be worth your while in any case as the nostalgia factor comes in as well as the wonderful ED theme by Kalafina.

Anime Music Best Song Contest

Some of you may be aware, but we’ve been quietly putting together a Best Anime Music Tournament. As you can read from our latest entry, the tournament will focus entirely on anime opening and ending themes where people will nominate their favorite anime songs, be it from an opening, ending theme, or even an insert song. Once the song votes are tallied seeded, people will then vote on the tracks they like best in the format of a head to head competition. It’s pretty simple when it comes down to it!

For the time being, what we’re looking to do is figure out whether the guidelines we have in place are good enough. As you can imagine, there are a lot of ways in which to do this, and what we currently have is just one way of going about it. If you have other thoughts or ideas, we’d love to hear from you to see how to best improve things.

So head over to the site and make a comment! Once we’ve compiled all of the feedback, we’ll create the guidelines and open up the nominations thread so that people can come in to put in the songs they feel are worthy of being represented in this tournament.

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