Vocaloid Character Hatsune Miku Turns Three

Given all of the Hatsune Miku songs that have been created and played on sites like Nico Nico Douga, it seems as though she’s been around forever. But when August 31 rolls around, it’s a firm reminder just how relatively new she is as she turns 3 years old this year.

With a voice sampled from the voice actress Saki Fujita (known most recently for playing the roll of Mahiru Inami from Working!!), Hatsune Miku has gone on to do arrangements of popular anime themes along with original works like supercell’s “Melt” and more famously, “Black Rock Shooter.” Her popularity continues to grow and reach out far beyond Japan and with new mixes continually being churned out, she still has plenty left in her and so, we can all look forward to seeing what this year brings for her!

Disko Warp Music Releases Happy Hardcore Anime Arrangement Album

Pete Ellison, known by his DJ moniker as Initial P has released an anime arrange album through his music label, Disko Warp Records. The album, titled Anime Love Hardcore, consists of ten anime songs, all arranged in the style of happy hardcore, featuring sped up rhythms and vocals and run the gamut of anime titles as far back as Lupin III and the more recent Tengen Toppa Gurrent Lagaan.

The album has already been on sale through iTunes. You can also purchase the physical copy of the album through Disko Warp’s website.

Ghibli Movie, Only Yesterday, Gets Stage Adaptation

Starting at Tokyo’s Ginga Gekijō theater, the Studio Ghibli film, Only Yesterday, will premiere as a stage musical starting April 16, 2011 and continuing until April 29, 2011. The stage adaptation will star Hikaru Asami as Taeko during the musical’s Tokyo run, with Keaki Mori playing Taeko’s mother. Tamiya Kuriyama will be behind the director’s chair, and Masato Kai is in charge of the musical’s soundtrack.

There are additional plans to take it out of Tokyo, with a performance in Semboku City before embarking upon a national tour April of 2012.

Source: Oricon via AnimeNewsNetwork

Tickets for Mikuni Shimokawa's Singapore Concert on Sale

As reported earlier, Mikuni Shimokawa had announced a concert to be taking place on August 22 of this year and that the concert would be held at the Movida, St James Power Station venue. And for those looking to attend, tickets are finally available and on sale to the public.

Tickets for the event can be found on Gatecrash. The tickets themselves cost around SGD $93 excluding booking fee.

Utada Hikaru Going on Hiatus

J-pop singer Utada Hikaru has announced on her blog that she’ll be going on hiatus starting next year. She does plan to release a full-length album consisting of her more recent singles before she departs, but as she takes note to emphasize, this will not be a retirement announcement or even a break. Based on what she wrote, she’s looking to mature as an artist and once she feels recharged, it’ll be full steam ahead.

What she doesn’t say is how long this hiatus will last because she hints it could range from 2 years to as long as 5 years. It has been 12 years since she debuted and has been working almost non-stop this entire time.

K-ON!!'s OP and ED Themes Soar to #2 and #3 on the Oricon Charts

The K-ON! franchise is able to whip up a frenzy among buyers, and in doing so, they just cannot seem to stop selling CDs. With the release of the opening and ending singles, titled Utauyo!! MIRACLE and NO Thank You! respectively, the sales generated have propelled them to the #2 and #3 spots on the Oricon weeklies for the week ending on August 4, 2010.

The opening single, Utauyo!! MIRACLE, succeeded in placing #3 with sales numbering around 26,686 sold, while NO Thank You! managed a touch higher with 26,989 albums sold. Knowing the track record for these albums, it’s likely they’ll continue to stay on the charts for weeks down the line.

For those looking to purchase the albums, links to CDJapan are below:
Utauyo!! MIRACLELimited Edition | Regular Edition
NO Thank You!Limited Edition | Regular Edition

Gackpoid Vocaloid Voice Celebrates its 2nd Year!

Though not quite as popular or well-known as his counterparts Miku Hatsune, the Kagamine twins, and Luka Megurine, Kamui Gakupo, better known to most Vocaloid enthusiasts out there as the sexy, aggressive Gackpoid, is celebrating his 2nd year of coming into being. The voice, taken from J-pop-rock singer Gackt, has been used in all sorts of creations, ranging from the heavy metal pieces composed by ROY to lighter fare like turnastudio’s qawsedrftgyhujikolp. Often looked upon as the Vocaloid team’s sexiest singer, now might be a good time to sample some of the songs that use his voice. You can check out some of the following below:

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